Here we are again

Saturday February 22, 202 Well, here we are again. I don't honestly think blogging will ever be my thing as much as I love blogging it's never going to be my thing I suppose. Regardless here is a life update. With debt paid off and saving for a house underway my heart is anxious to … Continue reading Here we are again

My Daily Practice


So something I wanted to share with you today is a daily practice. Not too many people know about this but since hearing about it from the incredible Rachel Hollis I have been using this is keep me focused especially when things are tougher than I would like them to be. I have my own … Continue reading My Daily Practice

What being a housekeeper has taught me!


Welcome back to my blog! Today I felt inspired to share something that has been on my heart for a little while now. After spending a year as a stay at home mom, Youtube became my bestie. I watched my favorite youtubers and found new ones all the time. One thing I came across was … Continue reading What being a housekeeper has taught me!

My 2020 New Years Resolution

SO I want to talk about new years resolutions. I don't usually make them and honestly I don't really like to simply because I don't feel like I will ever follow through with them. The hype and pomp is over done and society seems to have made it a requirement as a human being to … Continue reading My 2020 New Years Resolution